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Widely ignored by many dealers for years, Facebook has now become a marketing channel no dealership can afford to ignore. At Dealer Rising we can get you up to speed on the various campaign types available and start getting your inventory in front of your market quickly and for much less than Google Ads. Our strategies help dealerships target customers at every phase in the vehicle buying journey. If you are not running Facebook ads yet, or just want to be sure the ads you are running are as effective as possible, reach out today! 

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Our most successful Facebook campaign types

Our top of funnel campaigns have one goal and one goal only; determining if the vehicles you sell are of interest to an audience. We start with a broad audience based on criteria we receive from you during onboarding. Then we show that wide audience a variety of ads and vehicles, until they engage with an ad in some way. This engagement allows us to segment the audience into “in market” and “out of market” segments while also generating good traffic to your website.

Our middle of funnel campaigns build upon the top of funnel campaigns by remarketing only to the smaller audience of people that engaged with the previous campaign. That engagement serves as a reliable signal that the shopper is indeed looking for a vehicle so we begin to show the customer ads that feature a variety of brands/models with the idea being to bring the customer back to your website to continue their shopping journey.

Building upon the two previous campaigns, our bottom of funnel campaigns utilize Facebook lead ads to generate actual shopper leads for your sales team. We can send these leads to you in real time via email or pop them directly into your CRM. Since these ads are only shown to a very narrow audience that has previously visited your website and landed on a specific inventory item they are incredibly effective and produce a reliable flow of warm leads for your dealership.

With inventory issues still plaguing many dealerships; trade in campaigns have been an absolute necessity over the last few years. These ads are targeted to  previous customers or current owners of the vehicles you sell and offer the targeted audience either an opportunity to sell, trade, or consign their vehicle with your dealership. We expect this type of campaign to remain popular for the foreseeable future and highly recommend that every dealer have a campaign like this running year round.

Most dealerships today understand the importance of marketing to customers both to get the initial sale and long afterwards. With these campaigns we market strictly towards recently sold customers with discounts on parts, recommended services, and recommended addons and upgrades. With our service campaigns you can keep the customer coming back again and again!


Of US vehicle shoppers

planning to purchase a vehicle within 3 months haven’t chosen which dealership they will buy from. *source


Of vehicle buyers

visited a Facebook property during their search *source


More vehicle buyers

start their research online versus at a dealer. *source

We offer the following packages to dealerships looking to get started with or improve their Facebook Ads.


  • 1 Campaign
  • Includes $400 Ad Spend
  • Does Not Include Lead Ads


  • 2 Campaigns
  • Includes $800 Ad Spend
  • Does Not Include Lead Ads


  • Up To 5 Campaigns
  • Includes $1750 Ad Spend
  • Does Include Lead Ads
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