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Dealer Marketing Services

While SEO is at the core of what we do at Dealer Rising, we do have a LOT more to offer dealerships looking to grow their online presence. We can help you with anything from lead generation to building automations in your CRM. If your organization has been struggling with an ongoing issue just reach out to us and together we will get it resolved! 

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Common consulting requests

Facebook is both one of the most effective and frustrating channels for Dealerships. We have been helping Dealerships make the most of this HUGE channel for years and we can do the same for you. First, we can help you to get your inventory into the Facebook Ecosystem. Then, we can recommend budgets and strategies to reach shoppers at every stage of the funnel, build your first set of ads, train your team, and even help you set up proper attribution to report on effectiveness. Don’t miss out on the benefits of this popular channel, let Dealer Rising help you get started today!

At Dealer Rising it is in our best interest to work with Dealerships that are as efficient as possible; if we send you hundreds of leads but you don’t have the resources to convert them to sales neither organization will be successful in the long run. Selecting and configuring a Dealership Management System is often one of the most important factors in the success a dealership attains. Don’t rely on the the word of DMS salespeople alone; hire your own advocate and let Dealer Rising go to work for you and ensure your DMS transition does not end in a disaster.

Did you know you can show ads to everyone who visits your competitors physical locations? Geofencing allows you to do just that and is quickly becoming a tactic that can’t be ignored! We can help you set up an evergreen geofencing strategy sure to drive results for years.

If you are not running a remarketing campaign to b ring visitors back to your website you are leaving a TON of business on the table. You spent the money and made the effort to drive those visitors to your site; let us help you get more than one chance to turn your visitors into customers!

We can help you set up Standard Operating Procedures for your sales and marketing teams. SOP’s are crucial for long term success and our consulting services allow us to help you establish and implement the plans needed to gain the edge you need!

Dealer Marketing Services

We offer the following consulting packages to dealerships looking for some extra help.

Small Project

$9994 Hours

Medium Project

$199910 Hours

Large Project

$299920 Hours

Need more information? Here are some frequently asked questions about Dealer Marketing Services.

Can you train our existing team rather than working for us directly?2020-11-02T16:40:15-08:00

Yes, we can absolutely train your team to market your dealership! We have helped in everything from hiring to setting up communication within your existing team and can help you no matter what your personnel structure looks like now.

Do you have references available?2020-11-02T16:35:59-08:00

Of course; simply contact us and we can put you in contact with one of our current or previous dealership clients!

How are your consulting services priced?2020-11-02T16:33:13-08:00

We price our consulting services based on an hourly rate and offer packages of hours; the larger the amount of hours you purchase the better deal you get. Have a big project or prefer to get a project estimate vs. hourly? No problem simply schedule a consultation and we can determine a project rate for you!

Do I have to be an existing customer to use your consulting services?2020-11-02T16:28:52-08:00

Short Answer, no; we are happy to assist all dealers needing our help. However we do have a limited amount of consulting hours available each month and we do give preference to existing customers.

What kind of things can Dealer Rising help our dealership with?2020-11-02T16:26:42-08:00

Dealer Rising can help with just about anything! Seriously though, we are able to assist dealerships with a list of services too long to list but including everything from graphic design to data entry. Simply contact us, describe your need, and we will come up with a solution!

“Not only did Dealer Rising increase traffic to my website, their consulting services helped me to get my business running much more efficiently!”

Alyssa Cartwright

Used Car Dealer in South Carolina