Event Marketing for RV Dealers

Let us help make your next event a success! We have developed a unique and powerful strategy to engage your entire potential customer base and generate tons of foot traffic to your event. We can also identify visitors to your lot and engage with them long after the event is over, extending the ROI of your event exponentially. 

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Does your dealership have an event coming up?

A carefully executed event marketing strategy is a great way to generate a tangible return on investment from your event. We can:

We identify your entire addressable market (everyone within a certain geographical radius that is interested in what you sell) and personally invite them to attend your event. 

We activate and incentivize your audience to RSVP and share your event resulting in a flood of traffic to your location. 

We digitally identify visitors to your lot during your event and continue targeting them with follow up promotions long after your event while also doing the same with the people in your audience that did NOT attend the event. 

Here’s how it works!

During onboarding, we will gather everything we need from you to create an online event page to promote your event including any promotions, details, schedule, etc.

Once your event page is approved, we will get to work building an audience of your ideal customers. We then target that audience with ads inviting them to your dealership for the event.

Upon completion of your event we target the attendees with messages thanking them for coming and offering a special incentive while also identifying those who DID NOT attend your event and offering them an opportunity to come in for a special incentive.

Not Convinced?

Most dealerships would! Our event marketing strategy consistently delivers event attendees to your lot for less than $2 in ad spend, one of the lowest costs per lead in the industry! 

Events promoted through traditional media typically bring in large numbers of uninterested guests while our laser targeted event marketing strategy brings in potential buyers.

Absolutely not! While a very intriguing event will do better overall, a simple promotion or incentive is plenty for us to work with! 

Dealer Rising’s Event Promotions differ from other strategies in two important ways:


Targeted Attendees

We are able to use geographic and interest data to digitally identify and invite only the people truly interested in the RVs you sell rather than driving a ton of uninterested tire kickers and window shoppers. 


After Event Promotions

Our digital event promotions allow us to segment the people in your target audience who attended from those who did not and then target each group with a  promotion to incentivize them to come in after the event. 

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Book your free consultation now. Get an idea of how we can help with your dealership’s next event. If nothing else you will come away with a better understanding of how to leverage this unique strategy to drive foot traffic to your next event. 

“Dealer Rising has unlocked a steady stream of new customers for us and completely changed the way management looks at events.”

– Liz Holdren

Powersports Dealership in Indiana

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At Dealer Rising we take your business your seriously. We like to think of ourselves as partners and structure every agreement to be fair, performance-based, and flexible. 

Dealership Marketing With Integrity

The marketing industry has gotten a reputation for being full of sharks and scam artists. We are turning the tides and changing that reputation one satisfied client at a time! Integrity drives everything we do at Dealer Rising and we strive to provide the most transparent digital marketing service for Dealers all across the country.