Facebook Ads For Marine Dealers

Did you know that Facebook has a specific program made for dealerships? While many tech savvy dealerships owners, managers, and marketers were early adopters of social media things have changed quite a bit since those days. Inventory ads on Facebook are now 2x more effective than ads in other markets which creates a world of opportunity for your dealership.

At Dealer Rising we can set up a customized Facebook Ads strategy that allows your dealership to laser target potential customers regardless of which step in the buying journey they are at. 

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Here are some of the campaigns we can set up for your Marine Dealership

Our top of funnel campaigns have one goal and one goal only; determining if the inventory you have to sell is of interest to an audience. We start with a broad audience based on criteria we receive from you during onboarding. Then we show that wide audience a variety of ads and boats, until they engage with an ad in some way. This engagement allows us to segment the audience into “in market” and “out of market” segments while also generating traffic to your website.

Our middle of funnel campaigns build upon the top of funnel campaigns by remarketing only to the smaller audience of people that engaged with the previous campaign and those that “look like” them, digitally speaking. That engagement serves as a reliable signal that the shopper is indeed looking for a vehicle so we begin to show the customer ads that feature a variety of brands/models with the idea being to bring the customer back to your website to continue their shopping journey.

Building upon the two previous campaigns, our bottom of funnel campaigns utilize Facebook lead ads to generate actual shopper leads for your sales team. We can send these leads to you in real time via email or pop them directly into your CRM. Since these ads are only shown to a very narrow audience that has previously visited your website and landed on a specific inventory item they are incredibly effective and produce a reliable flow of warm leads for your dealership vs. the cold leads that ads targeting a broader audience generate.

With inventory issues still plaguing many dealerships; trade in campaigns have been an absolute necessity over the last few years. These ads are targeted to  previous customers or current owners of the vehicles you sell and offer the targeted audience an opportunity to sell, trade, or consign their vehicle with your dealership including bonus cash offers and trade incentives. We expect this type of campaign to remain popular for the foreseeable future and highly recommend that every dealer have a campaign like this running year round.

Most dealerships today understand the importance of marketing to customers both to get the initial sale and long afterwards. With these campaigns we market strictly towards recently sold customers with discounts on parts, recommended services, and recommended addons and upgrades. With our service campaigns you can keep the customer coming back again and again! By integrating with your CRM we can even build highly personalized ads that remind the customer to come in for scheduled services “x” amount of days after they purchase a boat.  Pretty cool, right?

Turn on the faucet!

We all have seen/heard the metaphor of “turning on the faucet” when it comes to generating leads. While that may be a slight exaggeration, it’s not far from reality.

Our team of Facebook Advertising veterans can leverage this powerful platform to generate an insane amount of high quality leads for your dealership literally on demand. Whether you need to move aged inventory fast or generate more revenue in the service drive we can quickly create a campaign that accomplishes your goals.

Posting organically to Facebook (and all social media platforms, really) is great, but did you know Facebook only shows your content to roughly 6% of your followers? So unless you have thousands of of social  media followers already, your posts are likely not reaching many people at all. All is not lost though; paid ads on Facebook allow us to take content that is popular organically and use it in highly targeted ads to reach the entire intended audience.

Facebook Marketplace is a great tool, and we encourage all of our clients to continue posting their inventory locally on Marketplace. However, for much of the same reason as above, the results are dwindling as Facebook continues to shift towards a “pay for play” model. The good news is that you can use paid ads to get your exact inventory in front of the right people and while it’s not free like marketplace we can produce a reliable and impressive Return on Ad Spend for your dealership.

There is a time and place for boosting posts, but boosting is no substitute for a strategic paid ads campaign. Unlock the full power of the Facebook Ads platform instead by choosing objectives more in line with your desired outcome; focus on traffic, leads, and sales over reach and impressions.

Facebook Organic Reach

Activate your advertising cheat code!

The power is in the data. When you combine the data Facebook already has with your dealership’s first party data (all anonymized to comply with privacy regulations) it’s like activating a cheat code that allows you to stop wasting money advertising to the wrong people and get the right people into the showroom; generating a huge return on ad spend.

Dealer Rising’s Facebook Ads services vary from the basic services sold by your website provider or current agency in two important ways:


Regional Exclusivity

For ethical reasons we can only work with 1 dealer in each region. We do not believe it’s possible to ethically manage ad campaigns for two competing dealers so we offer regional exclusivity with all paid ads engagements.


100% Customized

In a time of automation and technology we believe an edge can be gained by providing customized solutions to every dealership. Our advanced integrations and years of experience give you the edge you need. 

How much traffic are you missing out on?

Determine your potential audience size. 

First, visit the Facebook Audience Insights Tool. Once you get logged in, you should see something like the image below. 

To find your total potential audience, simply select the filter button at the top right and enter in your city, region, or state and then type “boats” and/or “yachts” into the interests box. 

The number you see at the top of the page after clicking “create audience” is a rough estimation of how many potential customers you could reach on Facebook with an ad. 

Confused, that’s OK! Simply schedule a free consultation with Dealer Rising and we can find your Total Addressable Market together.

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Book your free consultation now. Get an estimation of your total addressable market, suggestions on what campaigns you should be running, an estimation of how much budget you should be allocating to Facebook Ads, and a customized proposal for us to implement a complete Facebook Ads strategy for your dealership. If nothing else you will come away with a better understanding of the Facebook Ads Platform and how crucial it is to the success of your dealership.