Press Releases For Marine Dealers

When was the last time your dealership was in the news?  When it comes to marketing your dealership a press release is a great compliment to your existing strategy. A single press release can drive thousands of local shoppers to your website, increase your website rankings, and build your reputation within the community. 

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Could your dealership benefit from a Press Release?

A carefully crafted press release is a great way to accomplish the goals of your dealership. A Press Release from Dealer Rising can:

By announcing a new promotion, management change, or any other newsworthy topic you can drive 1000’s of local shoppers to your website by including a link in your press release. 

We get your press release featured on HUNDREDS of websites and blogs creating a ton of new (and hard to replicate) links. These links can provide a huge boost to your SEO efforts and help to rank your website for even highly competitive keywords. 

Whether you are a new dealership with no, an established dealership with a stellar reputation, or even a dealership that is trying to turn around a bad reputation there is no better way to build your reputation than with a press release. 

Here’s how it works!

During onboarding, we will gather everything we need from you to write an engaging press release including any current promotions, events, or other newsworthy topics. Within 1 week we will have a draft of the release ready to review.

Once your press release is approved, we will get to work finding possible outlets for your press release and pitching them. We continuously perform outreach until we have secured distribution on at least 100 news sites.

Upon completion of distribution we will provide you with a report showing a high-level view of the results including all of the sites your press release was featured on.

Not Convinced?

Absolutely, in fact, we guarantee placement on at least 50 news websites or you pay nothing. Many of our clients have ended up on the front page locally or even featured in Google News!

A Dealer Rising Press Release is different because we help to craft a story worthy angle for your dealership, include relevant SEO keywords for the biggest ranking improvements, and offer guaranteed distribution to popular news stations. 

Absolutely! For a small, one-time investment your dealership can be featured in the news driving traffic and sales while building trust with your local community. Then, long after the publish date, the SEO benefits continue to push your website higher in search engine results. 

Dealer Rising’s Press Releases differ from other press releases in two important ways:


Built In SEO

Our press releases are written with SEO in mind and include relevant anchor text and links to your website for maximum SEO value. 


Guaranteed Distribution

As opposed to vague promises we offer guaranteed distribution to over 100 news websites and blogs or you pay nothing.  

Free Press Release Consultation

Book your free consultation now. Get an idea of what a press release could do for your dealership. If nothing else you will come away with a better understanding of how press releases can be used to grow reach, traffic, and sales. 

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“I was a little skeptical of the press release as we have tried a few in the past without results, but I was pleasantly surprised! ”

– Steve Gaskins

Automotive Dealer in Utah

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