SEO For Yacht and Marine Dealers

Imagine the difference it would make for your dealership if every customer in your area who was looking to buy a boat found you when they searched for “Yacht Brokerage” and other similar terms in google?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of making sure that happens.

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A well structured SEO campaign begins with a TON of research to determine the keywords customers might use to find your business.

If you are a Bennington dealership, you might already be ranking #1 for Bennington Dealer in Your State, but there are so many other terms that you want to be showing up for.

We use expensive and powerful software to build a list of specific keywords for your Marine dealership and even determine how many people are searching for each keyword in your area each month. 

The main reason why SEO typically drives the highest quality traffic is that these people are looking for you, not the other way around.

Instead of other channels like Paid Ads or TV/Radio where you are trying to pull people away from what they are doing (browsing social media, driving, or hanging out at home) with SEO people are actively looking for the boats you sell; all you have to do is ensure you show up when they are looking. 

Another benefit of SEO; the results don’t stop the second you stop paying for ads. Whereas your traffic dries up the second you stop paying for ads, the traffic you receive from SEO can continue long after your investment is made.

While most of our clients continue with us for the long term and continue to grow their SEO efforts year after year, clients that hired us years ago are still seeing traffic from keywords we helped them rank for.

Dealer Rising’s SEO services vary from the basic SEO services sold by your website provider or agency in two important ways:


Regional Exclusivity

For ethical reasons we can only work with 1 dealer in each region. We do not believe it’s possible to ethically manage SEO for two competing dealers and so we offer regional exclusivity with all SEO engagements.


100% Customized

In a time of automation and technology we believe an edge can be gained by providing customized solutions to every dealership. The same SEO strategy that works in Upstate New York is not going to work in Montana. 

Where do you rank?

Perform a quick self evaluation of your rankings.

Open up an incognito or private browsing window and search for boat dealership + your city name. So for example if your dealership is in Sacramento, type “Boat Dealership Sacramento” See yourself there? Great!

Let’s try a harder one. Type in your #1 manufacturer + your state. So for example “Bennington California”

If you don’t see your website showing up in the top 3 positions for these kinds of keywords you are missing out on a ton of business. 

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