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SEO For RV Dealers2022-05-05T10:39:37-07:00

SEO For RV Dealers

Build a foundation for success with SEO. Like a gift that keeps on giving, our clients typically see traffic increases month after month and year after year. We don’t just focus on traffic either, but rather laser targeted traffic that produces sales! We have over 10 Years of experience managing Search Engine Optimization for RV Dealers and we would love an opportunity to show you what we can do for your dealership!

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Our SEO Process For RV Dealers

SEO Success ALWAYS comes from careful planning and attention to detail. Every RV Dealership is different so we do the research to determine the most effective strategy for you. This planning and research focuses on 4 main areas; the region you are in, your competitors, the keywords you are already rank for, and the keywords you should be ranking for. We do a full analysis to be able to determine a suggested list of focus keywords.

Once we have a list of targeted keywords, we evaluate your current pages and decide if a new page should be created or an existing page optimized and then determine if any content changes or new content is needed. We then combine the new or updated content with our checklist of over 15 key on page optimization requirements to ensure search engines find your page so they are able to show it when users (potential customers) search for the targeted keywords.

Off page optimization is the single most overlooked factor in SEO for dealerships and an area we truly excel in. We have exclusive relationships with blog and website owners that allow us to get you powerful links from a variety of high quality sources; signaling your relevance to search engines. We also make sure all of your citations/business listings are 100% accurate and as enriched as possible to ensure strong local rankings.

Each of our clients receives access to a rank tracking dashboard that allows them to track results in real-time. In addition we produce monthly reports that show improvements to your rankings and increases to your organic traffic.

At Dealer Rising we are in it for the long run and we don’t just stop when we get your site to show up on the first page, or even the first spot, of a search result. Once a site is ranking well we do what it takes to keep it there including periodically refreshing the content on the page and building more links. Once we have attained first page rankings for the focus keywords we re-evaluate and suggest more powerful keywords to target in order to expand your reach!

RV Marketing


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We offer the following packages to RV Dealers looking to improve their search engine rankings.


  • 1 Location
  • 1 Blog Post
  • 10 Citations
  • 1 High Quality Guest Post
  • 5 Focus Keywords


  • 1-2 Locations
  • 2 Blog Posts
  • 20 Citations
  • 2 High Quality Guest Posts
  • 10 Focus Keywords


  • 2-4 Locations
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 40 Citations
  • 4 High Quality Guest Posts
  • 20 Focus Keywords

Need more information? Here are some frequently asked questions about SEO for RV dealers.

How does SEO compare to other traffic sources?2020-11-02T17:10:29-08:00

SEO is typically both the largest and most effective source of traffic for dealerships; however, there are some pros and cons you should be aware of.

Pros of SEO vs. Paid Traffic

  • More interested traffic, as users are actually looking for the vehicle you sell.
  • Doesn’t require the expense of both paying for an experienced marketer and a budget to the ad network.
  • Potential for exponential return on investment as success builds on success rather than diminishing returns form ever increasing cost per click.

Cons of SEO vs. Paid Traffic

  • The biggest negative associated with SEO is the time it takes to see results; most of the time at least 60-90 days.
  • The time it takes to constantly monitor, tweak, and optimize a website to achieve the best results.
Do you offer any one-time or non-recurring SEO services?2020-11-02T17:02:54-08:00

Not exactly; SEO is a long term strategy that requires constant updating and… optimization. However you should note two things:

  1. You can always just hire us for our consulting services and have us do a one off project.
  2. All of our SEO plans are month to month so you are never locked into anything long term.
What sets you apart from the SEO services other agencies offer?2020-11-02T16:59:19-08:00

Two factors set us apart from all other SEO agencies; transparency and laser targeted focus on the needs of dealerships. We are completely transparent with our SEO services and happy to bring you in on our efforts or even teach you them directly through our dealership marketing and consulting services.

What sets you apart from the SEO services my website provider offers?2020-11-02T16:55:16-08:00

The biggest factor that sets us apart from website providers is that we offer regional exclusivity; meaning we will not work with every dealer in an area but instead only work with up to 3 dealerships in a region. We believe that there is a huge conflict of interest when web providers (that work with your competition) also provide SEO services to competing dealerships. In that equation only the website provider wins!

Can you get my site ranking on the first page of Google by the end of the week?2020-11-02T16:51:43-08:00

Probably not; and the methods that owuld need to be employed to make that even remotley possible would actually put your site in jeopardy of being banned by Google and other Search Engines. While we do see quick results sometimes, more often than not we see slow, consistent improvements month to month.

Can you train our existing team rather than working for us directly?2020-11-02T16:40:15-08:00

Yes, we can absolutely train your team to market your dealership! We have helped in everything from hiring to setting up communication within your existing team and can help you no matter what your personnel structure looks like now.

Do you have references available?2020-11-02T16:35:59-08:00

Of course; simply contact us and we can put you in contact with one of our current or previous dealership clients!

How are your consulting services priced?2020-11-02T16:33:13-08:00

We price our consulting services based on an hourly rate and offer packages of hours; the larger the amount of hours you purchase the better deal you get. Have a big project or prefer to get a project estimate vs. hourly? No problem simply schedule a consultation and we can determine a project rate for you!

Do I have to be an existing customer to use your consulting services?2020-11-02T16:28:52-08:00

Short Answer, no; we are happy to assist all dealers needing our help. However we do have a limited amount of consulting hours available each month and we do give preference to existing customers.

What kind of things can Dealer Rising help our dealership with?2020-11-02T16:26:42-08:00

Dealer Rising can help with just about anything! Seriously though, we are able to assist dealerships with a list of services too long to list but including everything from graphic design to data entry. Simply contact us, describe your need, and we will come up with a solution!

Do I really need SEO?2020-10-29T19:28:54-07:00

That depends! If you want to potential customers to find you when they search for the vehicles you have in your inventory instead of your competitors, then you definitely need SEO! Even the largest most recognizable dealerships need SEO to be found online.

What exactly Is SEO?2020-10-29T19:23:35-07:00

A lot of SEO providers try to complicate the answer to this question; but the answer is simple. Search Engine Optimization is the art of driving more traffic to your website and customers to your dealership by improving how often you show up in search results. Simple, but not easy. That’s OK though, Dealer Rising is here for you and not only will we create an effective strategy for you we will also show you how to measure effectiveness!

Why should I work with Dealer Rising for my SEO needs?2020-10-29T19:18:44-07:00

You should only work with Dealer Rising for your SEO needs if you are ready for real results. There are plenty of off-shore marketing agencies that charge $99 a month for “SEO;” Dealer Rising knows what it takes to move the needle and achieve REAL results through SEO. Unlike our competition we let our results keep you coming back to us rather than trying to lock you into never ending contracts and complicated agreements. We are in it for the long term and truly believe that the only way to be successful is to make you successful!

If you can drive it; we can help you sell it!

Need help with something besides SEO? Check out our dealership marketing consulting services!

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We’re A True Partner

At Dealer Rising we take your business your seriously. We like to think of ourselves as partners and structure every agreement to be fair, performance-based, and flexible. 

SEO With Integrity

The SEO industry has gotten a reputation for being full of sharks and scam artists. We are turning the tides and changing that reputation one satisfied client at a time! Integrity drives everything we do at Dealer Rising and we strive to provide the most transparent SEO service for Dealers all across the country.

“SEO has quickly become our most profitable marketing channel and the team at Dealer Rising has been instrumental in the success of our dealership; you will not find a dealership marketing agency with more transparency or integrity!”

George Anderson

RV Dealer in Oregon